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released August 2, 2009

Performed and Produced by Nicholas Matta (aux.78)

Recorded 12/08-08/09 at The Concrete Carton of Sound, el paso tx

my foundation while making this album
My parents, The Paganos, Sr. Patheticism Now, Karen Moore, Jaime Victor Flores, Chicken, Claudia Matta, Claudette Perez, Crystal Robert, Valeria Esparza, Tom Knowles, Mari Gomez, Quincy Matta, Sebastian Aguirre, Andrea Laine and her magical cupcakes, Haza Anaya, Zeppelins Underground, Popolio.com, The Percolator, Christian Matta, Vincent, Oliver, Jo-Jo, Morris, Emma.

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Aux 78 Portland, Oregon

Aux.78 (nicholas matta) is a solo recording artist, musician, sound designer and live performer based in Portland, Oregon. Aux.78's music is diverse and eclectic. Whether setting the scene with vocal works or electronic wizardry, Matta is a master of emotion and tone painting. Aux.78 is not set to genre and takes pleasure in blurring those lines. ... more

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Track Name: Footprints of Decay
resting mind on guilty grave
following emptiness and shade


mirror image, blood week hogs
and medication



this punching bag
stair stepper tripod eyes
only show
footprints of decay
Track Name: The Blossoming
it's a little game
Birth has got you twisted
it's a false
hidden world of, (disparatado)

run off! pick your poison!
my eyes can't retain more glass!


these lights, this feline
these broken machines

your fixed idea with my cracked time

it's just a pompous game
fickle be fickle be fickle think

it's warm
intertwining worlds disassemble

because everybody knows
and no one is here
everyone is not in tune
anyone is not in tune
Track Name: Zipped Heart Of Rust
Never Just With Me
Emotion and Set
These Deals Made With Tangled Truths
Those Howling Winds Will Follow You
And A Kiss From The Sun Repulses You
Never Just With Us Sharing
In An Act Of Lust
Pay For Your Life With Gifts
Swallow Soul Tracks
Zipped Heart Of Rust
These Puppet Hands Burn On Your Tired Flesh
Worn By All Of Them
Listen to Love as a Thrill
Track Name: Loss Of Mystery
with the loss of mystery in my love
no, I can’t find the weight that’s been lost
no, I can’t find the wave that’s been lost
so we drift on through life afraid of the dying thoughts
Track Name: Fool
I would love you forever
I would love you right now
but you’re a fool

I would hug you and kiss you
and showed you that I missed you
but you made me a fool

I would tickle you and fuck you
but I won’t even touch you
because you’re a fool

I would keep you as a partner
but you ran into those others
because they’re fools

I would have learned to love
but without those December gloves
you look just
like a fool

I would have soon forgot and made it right up
if I were still that…
Track Name: To Kick a Man When He's Down
it's blood, pain, helplessness
insurance cuts, respect
work ethic, worry, broke
penetration, hope

Self esteem, lost love
confusion and doubt

Emergency lube, past memories
that emerge full circle
two years of a coward

these hollow holes, of love
filled with lust, turning to hope
kick a man when he's down

this broken record, since day one
my efforts weren't yours

Self esteem, lost love
confusion and doubt
kick a man when he's down
Track Name: Left Side Hate Stains
colored strands strangle
these skirts for easy access

locks for pulling
this love is for seeking
colored tones of pleasure

rape those years and taint these ears

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