1. Lesath

  2. Did You Ever Just Stand and Shiver Because You Were Looking At A River? Part 2 (Original Score)

  3. Did You Ever Just Stand and Shiver Because You Were Looking at A River? (Original Score)

  4. The Time Between

  5. Soundtrack To The Grand Numbness

  6. Vinegaroon

  7. Over The Skies

  8. Little Nicky & The Silent Thunder

  9. vestiges

  10. puddleduck

  11. Aux78 Presents Sounds Of The Modern Homestead

  12. The Yuppification EP Spare Bedroom Punk

  13. INRI - The Birth Of Progressive Sexy Christian Electronic Dance Music

  14. Avenue Of Love Roses

  15. Of Others

  16. unperson

  17. Coyote Den And Other Fireside Favorites

  18. We All Shine On Like Crazy Diamonds In The Mine

  19. Sometime After The Fog

  20. The Sun Decays Them

  21. Between The Cracks

  22. -9

  23. A Worn Ballad

  24. Nimbus Release

  25. SWITCH

  26. clear

  27. Passing By

  28. Litter (margin of error +/-3.1%)

  29. the Mystery 909

  30. Drone

  31. cardboard


  33. Leaving

  34. Aux78 LIVE at Ash Street Saloon Portland Oregon December 12 2017

  35. Aux78 live on Dwight Church at the Historic Ash Street Saloon July 25 2016

  36. aUX.78 Live At Foggy Notion, Portland Oregon Aug 28 2012

  37. Aux.78 Live on The Ruben Zavala Show Dec 18, 2010

  38. Live on KHRO 1150am El Paso Texas

  39. Aux.78 Live at The CowBelly Bar 2004

  40. AUX.78 : A Collection 2003-2009

  41. Rants And Raves (singles)

  42. dirtbag

  43. The Pleasant Mistakes EP
    The Pleasant Mistakes

  44. San Marcial
    sea legs

  45. Out Of Phase
    sea legs

  46. X.Y.L.A.
    The Pleasant Mistakes

  47. Music for In The Boom Boom Room by David Rabe

  48. Good Cop Bad Cop (Score for a short by Austin Rhodes) single

  49. ORBIT
    My Trembling SeaLegs

  50. The Dream of Sisyphus (soundtrack to a film by Austin Rhodes)

  51. Taxidermy With A Witch's Wrist
    Folk-A-Dots & The Regeneration

  52. Box Of Bugs Live In Some Classroom Full Of 7 Year Olds
    Box Of Bugs

  53. Vespa Vavy
    Box Of Bugs

  54. The Infamous Box Of Bugs Loves You/ In Search Of God/ El Pazo/
    Box Of Bugs

  55. Dios Mio
    Box Of Bugs

  56. Ostrich McGuire
    N. Matta


Aux 78 Portland, Oregon

Aux.78 (nicholas matta) is a solo recording artist, musician, sound designer, audio engineer and live performer based in Portland, Oregon.

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